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1: Description of the installation/ experience/ medium verbally and visually

  • Emma Sansehus

Snozelen: Sense stimulation environment, combination of sound, light, vibrations, feelings and smells in a pleasant environment.

White room – Peace and relaxation. Body-awareness.

  • Motivation: Learning, play and entertainment. Leisure offer for everyone, groups and could be a centre of learning for people with complex learning difficulties.

2: Analysis of character – attributes and roles

  • The user plays an active role, uses her/ his senses to explore what’s around.
  • The users of Snozelen often bring a companion, representing support and observation, to abate stress, give safety, freedom, choices, opportunity to play, happiness and pleasure. The companion plays an important part of the experience. The collaborators at Snozelen arrange for each user (also the users companion), to give a controlled experience of the senses.
  • The installations/ the different objects at the white room are created to give the user peace and relaxation. They invite and “ask” to use and listen to your senses. Some of the installations in the white room changes; as the cylinder filled with water (the sound, size and movement at the bubbles), the light changing colours, the music…

3: Analysis of the interaction

  • The room contain light (changing colours), a source reflecting images (in “duse” and pleasant colours), music, bubbling water, a chair hanging from the roof and a bed filled with water which also is warm and nice. The installations in the white room interact with ears (hearing), eyes (sight), skin (touch). The activity level is very low, and the user interacts with the installations through touch (feel), slowly movements and listening to the water and the music.
  • The room contains a big bed and lots of soft materials, the room also has dimmed light and peaceful music, and then motivates the user to interact quietly and with no sudden moves in that specifically room. The requirement of instructions in the room is low, but it depends also on the user.
  • The room interacts through its colours (on the room and the reflected colours/ images on the wall), the sound playing in the background, the movements of the water, touch of the warm bed, the soft pads and plaid.

4: Developments over time

  • The methods that are used to hook people and keep them in this room is the feeling of peace and relaxation, using dimmed light, music, sound and sight at bubbling water, warm and soft materials on the floor and a bed. The music makes you want to stay and listen, the changes and movement of the bubbles in the cylinder makes you want to keep looking and the warm and soft bed – of course – make you want to keep lying.
  • When the user enters the room she or he will start to explore the different things in the room, using the senses. The time spending in the room will vary for each user and his companion.

5: Tell your personal user experience journey

  • The user comes into the room and starts to explore; feel the softness under his feet, tries out maybe the chair hanging from the roof, sees the reflected colours/ image on the nearest wall or maybe the cylinder with the water on the other side. After the chair, maybe sitting and lying down on the soft and warm bed for some minutes, before further exploring of the room (creations hanging from the roof, the small lights in the corner… The user may have higher energy before entering this room, and the energy level will drop after spending time in this room and feel more relaxed.
  • After spending about 15 minutes in the room, I felt more calm, relaxed and also a little bit tired.

6: Analyse the wholeness and consistency of expression related to the experience

  • It was interesting seeing, entering and sensing the white room. The room gave me a relaxing feeling, but I became a little bit  unfocused sitting and thinking that the room appeared and looked a little bit like a bedroom from the 80s (also with the shiny materials). But the wholeness of the room gave me the experience and feeling of relaxation.

7: Suggest improvements

  • Use of some soft materials (as the carpet) as a contrast and pleasant feeling against the shiny plastic.
  • Reduce the sound from the chair hanging from the roof
  • Maybe use sounds from nature (threes, wind, birds…), instead of the playing music.
  • Using the roof (images, clouds moving…)